Cold Treatment

Cold Treatment

Time: 10 min
Price: $30

Elevate your skincare experience with a refreshing and rejuvenating Cold Treatment add-on. This optional enhancement complements your primary skincare service, delivering a cooling and soothing effect to your skin. Cold therapy has been known to help reduce inflammation, calm irritated skin, and minimize redness. It is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or reactive skin and can enhance the comfort and relaxation of your treatment. The cold treatment may be applied through various methods, such as chilled facial globes, cold compresses, or specialized cold masks. Adding cold therapy to your skincare session can help tighten pores, improve circulation, and leave your skin feeling invigorated. It is suitable for all skin types and can be customized to address your specific skincare concerns. Consult with your esthetician or skincare professional to discuss the best cold treatment option for your individual needs and preferences.

  • ~ Skin Care Expert
  • ~ Licensed Esthetician

Experience the invigorating touch of cold as it awakens your skin’s true potential with Lavish Skin by Nelly’s Cold Therapy Facials: a non-invasive journey guided by Nelly, our master esthetician and champion of transformative skincare.

Nelly’s Passion, Your Glowing Canvas

At Lavish Skin by Nelly, cold therapy isn’t just a trend; it’s a personalized art form sculpted by Nelly’s expertise and intuition. She tailors each treatment to your unique needs, ensuring your experience is as effective as it is relaxing. Under her gentle touch, cold therapy becomes a luxurious indulgence, delivering visible results with minimal downtime.

The Chilling Science of Beauty

Harnessing the power of controlled cold temperatures, Lavish Skin By Nelly offers various methods to target your concerns:

  • Ice Compresses:Soothe puffy eyes and inflamed areas with targeted cooling.
  • Cryo Sticks:Gently massage away redness and encourage a radiant, even-toned complexion.
  • Cold Gels and Soaks:Refresh and invigorate tired skin, boosting circulation and product absorption.

Benefits Unveiled, Like Flowers in Spring

  • Swelling Be Gone:Say goodbye to puffiness and inflammation. Cold therapy constricts blood vessels, reducing localized swelling and leaving your skin sleek and sculpted.
  • Inflammation’s Chill Nemesis:Soothe redness and irritation. Cold therapy’s calming effect diminishes inflammatory responses, restoring a peaceful, even-toned canvas.
  • Pores, Refined and Tightened:Experience a smoother, tighter texture. Cold therapy shrinks pores, minimizing their appearance and leaving your skin looking flawless.
  • Enhanced Absorption, Elevated Results:Embrace deeper nourishment. Cold therapy preps your skin for optimal product absorption, maximizing the benefits of your favorite serums and creams.

Beyond the Chill, an Experience

At Lavish Skin by Nelly, your comfort is our utmost priority. Imagine sinking into a calming ambiance as Nelly’s skilled hands work their magic. Her gentle touch transforms the cold therapy into a soothing ritual, ensuring maximum relaxation and optimal results.

Discover Your Inner Glow

Step into Lavish Skin by Nelly and let Nelly guide you on a journey to a revitalized, radiant you. Experience the Lavish difference with a Cold Therapy Facial. Book your consultation today and unlock the door to a refreshed, rejuvenated you!